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Silver Shark studios is based at the Perry Vale Studios complex in South East London. The studio is perfect for writing, recording, mixing and programming or for overdubs on sessions recorded in Studio A here at Perry Vale or elsewhere.

The studio is based around a Pro Tools 10 HD and a classic SSL G series with E series EQ mixing desk set up with Euphonix Mix series controllers allowing you the flexibility to mix in or out of the box. The studio is home to a large collection of outboard from Massenberg, Tube Tech, Summit Audio, Empirical Labs, Urei, Phoenix Audio, Chandler Limited, Thermionic Culture, Lexicon, Eventide and more as well as utilising numerous plug ins from the likes of Waves, Sony Oxford, Melodyne, SoundToys, Native Instruments, Arturia, GForce and many more..

There is a large selection of analogue and digital synths including a Moog Voyager, Arturia Microbrute, Roland Juno 106 and JP8000, Dave Smith Instruments Mopho, Korg MS20 and Access Virus. The newest addition to the room is an upright piano giving musicians added flexibility and choice.

Guitarists have the choice of acoustics and electrics from the likes of Fender, Ibanez and Takamine. Amps include a Fender Deluxe and the very latest in technology with a Fractal Axe Pre Amp/FX processor.

The microphone collection features numerous top quality microphones from a variety of manufacturers including Neumann, Coles, Peluso, AKG, Shure, Sontronics, Blue and SE Electronics.

There is also a huge collection of percussion instruments for you to use in your sessions including a cahon and many more instruments from around the world.

Silver Shark features a spacious control room and booth capable of recording everything from vocals to guitars. When more space is required to record drums or a larger band playing live then you can use the main studio at Perry Vale. This features a very large live room with three additional rooms attached. A grand piano is available for recordings and to ensure top quality sound everything can be tracked through the studio’s vintage Neve desk. For more information on the main studio click on Perry Vale studios on the links page.